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Designer, artist, singer, wanderer and photographer.

Apurva (apurvaxdesign) is a creative acting at the crossroads of art, design and more. 

Apurva is a curious soul, who finds wonder in the world around her and is always eager to explore new things. She has a deep fascination with materials and processes, and is constantly experimenting with them to create something unique. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design in India, and later moved to London to pursue an MA in Product and Furniture Design.
Apurva's experience spans consumer electronics, packaging design, watches, and accessories. With a passion for innovation and attention to detail, she blends creativity with technology and materials to leave her mark on various industries. From sleek packaging to creative watches, her portfolio showcases her boundless curiosity and dedication.

Besides design, Apurva can be found exploring the world, immersing herself in new cultures and meeting new people. With a camera in hand, she seeks to capture the world's beauty through her lens, pausing moments in time.

Apurva's work is a reflection of her creative spirit, her love for the world around her, and her desire to explore the endless possibilities of merging art and design. With a multitude of interests, she is an artist, designer, maker, photographer, travel enthusiast, and ukulele player, and hopes to constantly seek new avenues to expand her skillset and creativity.
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