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This project was designed as a response to a brief given to the students of Kingston School of Art, London by Network Rail. 
It was done as a part of the course - MA in Product and furniture design.

Network Rail Brief -
How might we ‘re-imagine time’ and its communication across Network Rail’s busiest and biggest railway stations and 2500 stations nationally? 

Your time

An interactive display installation, inspired by time, movement and  flow.

An interactive space/element that belongs to Network Rail, to create a new experience about time that reinforces the brand in the passenger's minds.

How it works?

As passengers walk past the display, they become part of the installation. The screens reflect their movement, transforming their journey into a beautiful work of art. As they stroll along, they can see the time slowly being revealed in the portion that reflects their motion, creating a sense of connection to the passage of time.
But it's not just the passengers that are changing the display. The colors of the sky are also reflected in the gradient that shifts slowly from yellow to orange to midnight hues as the day progresses.
It's a subtle reminder that time and nature are constantly evolving, just like the people passing by.
This installation is more than just a display - it's a beautiful intersection of art and technology, reminding us to pause and appreciate the world around us.
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